If you need just one technician for a half-day or 25 people for a week, we

will dispatch the crew, invoice you upon completion of the event and

pay the employees, the taxes, workman’s comp, etc.  You can hand pick

from our employee list at no extra charge.


* Event Labor

Avalon Information Services

A Limited Liability Company

Your premier source of Audiovisual, Concert, Convention & Trade Show Labor in Western Washington

* Payroll Services

Whether you are a start-up company or a National event producer, we can

administer all of your payroll needs.  This turns your labor and subsequent

taxes into one tidy invoice.  You no longer have to worry about the quarterly

and annual accounting and tax bills associated with employee payrolls!

* Photography & Video Production

There are numerous over-looked photo and video opportunities in every show.

We can capture the key elements of your event:  Popular Speakers, Awards

Ceremonies, Interviews, and other special moments. 

You can take your images in any format:  CD, DVD, Tape, or other Digital Media.

We crew:

Event Supervisors

ETCP Certified Riggers

Carpenters / Builders

Forklift Operators

Scissor/Snorkel Lift Operators

Stagehands (grips)

Truck Loaders


Video Engineers

Data Projectionists

Record/Playback Operators

Graphics Operators

Camera Operators

Audio Operators (A-1/A-2)

Light Board Operators (L-1/L-2)




Audio Visual Techs

Speaker Ready Room Ops

IT Technicians

PowerPoint Operators

Spot Light Operators

Cable Pagers

TV Utilities